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Transport company for regular service – Europe-wide!

Your no. 1 partner for regular service: Our transport company in Eferding near Linz and Wels realises recurring national and trans-European transportations. On-time, reliably and flexibly we take your goods from A to B, e. g. from the factory to the store – via the same route each day. Keep your mind on your core business while we guarantee a smooth transportation of your goods and thus prevent expensive and nerve-wracking supply shortages.

What does regular service mean?

Most people are familiar with regular/scheduled service when it comes to passenger transports. But also in the field of forwarding, it is essential. Scheduled service means a regular connection for the transportation of goods to their destination. Our transport company operates the same route all along while adhering to a timetable with fixed departure and arrival times.

Which advantages can you expect?

Our forwarding business offers regular tours that give you as an entrepreneur much-needed planning certainty. Thus, you do not have to commission new routes over and over again! Instead, you can rather enjoy the good feeling of knowing that your goods will always reach their destination on time.

Tell us about your project now! As needed, we do not only take care of the regular service, but also conduct courier / special trips and are your no. 1 project forwarder.

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